Courses Offered

    NMC 03N

    Risk Management, Incident Investigation and Safety Officer Training

    NMC 05

    Basic BRM/BTM Training

    NMC 06N


    NMC 10

    Container Ship Handling Training

    NMC 11

    PCC Ship Handling Training

    NMC 12

    Bulk Ship Handling Training

    NMC 13

    General Cargo Ship Handling Training

    NMC 19

    Machinery Management Training for Senior Engineer

    NMC 20

    Machinery Management Training for Junior Engineer

    NMC 21

    Purifier Training

    NMC 23

    Control Engineering Training (Focus: Boiler Water Level Control)

    NMC 24

    Hydraulic Training

    NMC 25

    Basic Diesel Remote Control Training

    NMC 26

    Advanced Diesel Remote Control Training

    NMC 27

    Electrical Training

    NMC 28

    Refrigerator Machinery Training

    NMC 29

    6.6 kV High Voltage Generating Plant

    NMC 32

    PCC Cargo Operation Training

    NMC 33

    Bulker Cargo Operations Training

    NMC 62

    Leadership and Management Skills Training

    NMC 66

    Bulker Cargo Operations Training (Advanced Course)

    NMC 67

    Deck Maintenance Training

    NMC 68

    Safe Mooring Operation Training (Standard Course)

    NMC 69

    Advanced Safe Mooring Operation Training (Advanced Course)

    NMC 71

    Engine Maintenance Training for Engineers

    NMC 72

    Main Engine Overhaul Training

    NMC 73

    Shipboard Hazards Simulation and Situational Awareness Training

    NMC 74

    Bulk Carrier Ship Inspection Training

    NMC 85

    Fall Protection Equipment Training

    NMCR 03

    Helmsmanship Training

    NMCR 05

    Arc and Gas Welding Training

    NMCR 06

    Machine Tools Training

    NMCR 07

    Catering Management Training

    NMCR 08

    Japanese Cooking Training

    NMCR 09

    Indian Cooking Training

    NMCR 10

    East European Cooking Training

    NMCR 11

    Basic Operation on Pure Car Carrier Training

    NMCR 12

    Pumpman Training

    NMCR 13

    LNG Safety Training

    NMCR 14

    LNG Operation for Deck Rating Training

    NMCR 15

    LNG Operation for Engine Rating Training

    NMCR 16

    Deck Maintenance for Deck Ratings

    NMCR 17

    Safe Mooring Operation Training (Standard Course)

    NMCR 18

    Maintenance Course for Engine Ratings

    NMCR 19

    Shipboard Hazard Simulation and Situational Awareness 


    NMCR 99

    BRM/BTM Training Attachment Course


    GMDSS Radio Operator

    Basic Training for Ships Subject to the IGF Code

    Advanced Training for Ships Subject to the IGF Code

    Basic Training

    Refresher Course on Basic Training

    Survival Craft and Rescue Boat other than Fast Rescue Boats

    Refresher Course on Survival Craft and Rescue Boat (other than fast rescue boats.)

    Advanced Fire Fighting

    Refresher Course on Advanced Fire Fighting

    Medical First Aid

    Security Awareness Training and Seafarers with Designated Security Duties


    Diesel Plant Course for Junior Engineers

    Diesel Plant Course for Senior Engineers

    Familiarization Training in Mooring Equipment

    Maritime Occupational Safety and Health Training with Hazard Identification

    Senior Ratings Upgrading Course (Deck/Engine)

    Senior Ratings Upgrading Course (Galley)

    Upgrading Training for Oilers and Wipers


    Automatic Identification System Training

    Bread Making Course

    Engine Room Simulator Training

    Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) Training

    Filipino Cooking Course

    Food and Beverage Course

    Housekeeping Course

    Galley Cruise Course

    General Tanker Familiarization

    Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Training

    Messman Course

    Ship Simulator and Bridge Teamwork

    Western Cuisine

    Ship Handling and Maneuvering Operation of VLCC


    Maritime Occupational Safety and Health Training (OSHC-DOLE)

    Medical Maritime Occupational Safety and Health Training (OSHC-DOLE)

    Ship’s Catering Services NC I Training and Assessment (TESDA)

    Ship’s Catering (Ship’s Cook) NC III Training and Assessment (TESDA)


Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m - 5:00 p.m.

(Laguna) (049) 508-8600
(Manila) (02) 908-4900 NETI Enrollment Site NYK-FIL Website
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